University Shortlisting:

This is the first step in your study abroad preparation and, essentially, the most important one, as it affects you long-term and defines your entire career path. Every university looks for suitable candidates and relies on various factors to determine if the applicant is the right fit for a particular course. Similarly, each student is looking for a university that is most likely to help them build a better future.

Find the right fit -

By maintaining a balance between the requirements of the two, you are likely to improve your chances of acceptance.

  • Class24’s experienced faculty will help you shortlist destinations, universities, and courses based on your interests, budget, and chances of getting admitted.
  • Our experienced counselors use psychometric tests to analyze your personality and AI-based eligibility score tools to predict your chances of acceptance.
  • Our University partnerships make us privy to valuable insights into the selection process and criteria, and we believe that half the battle is won if a student succeeds in shortlisting the right universities.

Our Accomplishments

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    Improve your chances of acceptance by 250%
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    100+ cr Scholarships

    Join our assured scholarship program.
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    3000+ students admitted to their dream universities.
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    Global Penetration

    University partnerships in 37 countries.

Exam Preparation :

Most Unversities rely on your scores in Language proficiency tests including IELTS/TOEFL and entrance exams such as SAT or ACT to evaluate your candidature and these make a key component of your college application. Class24 runs extensive online programs and provides you access to high quality study material for your exam preparations. We make use of subject experts and comphesensive study modules to enhance your knowledge and perfect your test taking abilities.

ACT/SATs: Scholastic Aptitude Test is a prominent entrance exam used by most universities in the United States as part of thier student evaluation program.

  • SAT is a 3 hour long exam which comprises 2 sections namely Maths and Evidance based reading and writing.
  • Each sections of the SATs is scored on a 200 to 800 point scale and your total score is the sum of your scores in each section. Thus you can score a highest of 1600 and lowest of 400 in your SATs.
  • Students can online register for SATs 5 weeks prior to the upcoming exam date on the College Board website.

ACT is a MCQ, paper based entrance test governed by ACT, INC. It is quite similar and carries the same wightage as SATs in your college application.

  • ACT test comprises of 4 sections namely: English, Reading, Maths, Science and 5th Optional Writing section.
  • The exam is 2 hours and 55 minutes long with 40 min optional writing test.
  • Each section of ACT is evaluated on a 1 to 36 point system and your total score is the average of the 4 sections in the exam. You writing assessment scores come separately to you Aactual ACT score.
  • Students can register 5 weeks prior to the upcoming exam date on the ACT Website.

IELTS is a popular language proficiency test considered strongly by Universities in English speaking countries such as UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Students can appear multiple times for this exam and perfect their score before submitting their college applications.The exam is administered by the British Council and students can register on Bristish Council site . You can refer to our IELTS exam guide for various test taking tips, Mock tests and other vital information about the exam in general.

TOEFL, administered by ETS, stands for Test for English as foreign Language and is popular among universities in the united states. Class24 runs online and classroom program for TOEFL exam preparation and offers extensive study material including mock tests, subject guides for students to score high on their TOEFL test. TOEFL test approximately costs $205 for Indian Students and students can schedule their test on ETS’ official website.

SOP/ Motivation Letter Writing :

Going on your study abroad adventure is really an interesting and exciting event; however, to gain admission to some of the best international universities one requires more than just excellent grades and test results: a clear Statement of Purpose (SOP) or an excellent Motivational letter to express how unique you are as a person and what aspirations you have in life. We at Class 24 Study Abroad are proud to specialize in assisting students in navigating the SOP/Cover letter writing process by offering them our expert assistance and support so that they can present themselves powerfully, confidently, and with assurance. In terms of literature, students are told to believe in and interpret their stories both academically and personally.

Our distinguishing factor is our deep and customized method in drafting SOP/Cover Letters. We understand that every applicant has their own story consisting of their particular interests, backgrounds, and aims.

Our team consists of experienced consultants who always take into account the personal situations and dreams of our students in order to give them individualized counsel, comments, and insights about what could work well for them when they want to develop powerful narratives that can have an impact on admission committees.

There are two main reasons for our distinction, and these would be the intensive and detailed orientation in international admissions due to our knowledge.

Moreover, Class 24 advisors have been reputable professional people with enormous exposure in their career life, which involves reviewing and rating SOPs/cover letters for leading universities internationally.

Essay Writing:

For numerous individuals, studying abroad is a desire to be pursued; however, obtaining admission into elite universities mandates more than excellent grades and test results. It necessitates an interesting narrative that distinguishes you as authentic. Class 24 Study Abroad acknowledges the significant part played by university essays in securing admissions and works diligently to assist our students in constructing persuasive, unforgettable essays highlighting their distinctive abilities and yearnings.

Class 24's personalized and comprehensive approach to essay writing sets us apart from other coaching services. Rather than offering a one-size-fits-all solution, we provide customized support that caters to each student's unique requirements and objectives. Our team of seasoned coaches collaborates closely with our students, delivering individualized attention, constructive critique, and valuable perspectives aimed at producing essays that capture the admissions committees' interest.

Our steadfast dedication to authenticity and originality distinguishes us from others. We are convinced that the most captivating essays embody the student's genuine voice, encounters, and aspirations. Therefore, our mentors invest time in building a personal relationship with each individual in Class 24 by assisting them to uncover their distinct narratives, perspectives and interests. By employing exercises for self-reflection alongside brainstorming sessions as well as guided dialogues we enable pupils of Class 24 freely express their true selves confidently while presenting clarity on what makes them unique individuals.

Profile Building:

Studying abroad presents life-changing experiences and endless opportunities, yet gaining admission to top international universities requires a standout profile beyond good grades. At Class 24 Study Abroad, we specialize in guiding students through the intricate process of building their personal profiles. With our personalized strategies and support, we help students showcase their unique strengths and ambitions to impress admissions committees worldwide. Our dedication to excellence and innovation, combined with our tailored approach and commitment to transparency, ensures that students authentically represent themselves. Through personalized coaching and leveraging technology, we empower students to navigate the profile building process confidently.

We build a trackable trace path showcasing of your professional accolades. Which includes but not limited to getting your research papers published by leading journals, create an array of relevant work experiences, and highlight your contributions towards society as an upstanding citizen.

In summary, Class 24 Study Abroad offers top-notch profile building services, enabling students to unlock their full potential and succeed in the competitive world of international admissions. Join us today for a journey of self-discovery, growth, and academic achievement.

Interview Preparation :

Taking the step to study abroad can be an exciting escapade, however for some pupils from Class 24, interviewing at university may provoke anxiety and doubt. At Class 24 Study Abroad, we recognize how crucial it is to prepare thoroughly in order to attain admission into distinguished universities worldwide; therefore our primary goal is empowering students with expertise, strategies and tender support so they stand out during their interviews. Our unrivaled attribute lies in executing tailored mentorship alongside comprehensive training thereby guaranteeing that all participants approach any interview confidently displaying attributes of sophistication as well as brilliance required for success therein.

Class 24 Study Abroad provides skilled interview preparation services that enable students to thrive in the competitive field of global admissions. Through our customized methodology, seasoned coaching, and steadfast commitment to quality, Class 24 pupils can approach their interviews with assurance, composure, and aptitude for success. Enroll in Class 24 today and begin an educational venture towards academic accomplishments, personal evolution, and worldwide triumphs.


Embarking on the adventure of studying abroad is thrilling and transformative, but the visa application process can be overwhelming. At Class 24 Study Abroad, we understand the importance of visa assistance in ensuring a smooth transition for our students to their desired study destinations. What sets us apart is our personalized and thorough approach to visa support, ensuring that each Class 24 student receives expert guidance, assistance, and advocacy throughout the process.

Our approach to visa assistance is centered on individualized care and attention. Unlike generic services, we acknowledge that every student's visa journey is unique, with its own challenges and timelines. Our experienced visa advisors take the time to understand each student personally, providing tailored guidance, addressing concerns, and easing anxieties related to the visa application process.

Our expertise in international visa regulations is what distinguishes us. Class 24 advisors are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in navigating visa applications for various study destinations worldwide. Leveraging our insider insights and industry knowledge, we offer invaluable guidance on visa requirements, documentation, and procedures, empowering Class 24 students to navigate the process confidently.

Scholarship Application:

Many people dream of the exhilarating experience that comes with studying abroad, but obtaining scholarships can be daunting. Luckily, our Scholarship Application Guidance service offers students in the Class of 2024 expert support as they pursue their international education goals. We're here to help light the way towards a successful journey overseas!

Our objective is both straightforward and meaningful: to equip pupils with the information, abilities, and tools necessary to access their desired colleges without being hampered by financial restrictions. We realize that scholarships can be instrumental in converting ambitions into actuality; therefore, we are devoted to supporting you at every phase of this life-altering endeavor.

Our Scholarship Application Guidance stands out due to our resolute commitment to providing individualized assistance. We acknowledge that every student is distinct, possessing their own strengths, difficulties, and objectives. Therefore, our proficient consultants invest time in comprehending your academic accomplishments, extracurricular interests, and future ambitions to create a customized approach that enhances the likelihood of accomplishing favorable outcomes.

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