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Align your career goals to the
right career path..

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Proven and calculated approach to assured selection
assured selection..

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Improve your chances by becoming the desired candidate..

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Alumni Mentorship

Experience sharing with those who made it..

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Interviews, Motivation Letters, SOPs, Essay Writing,
and everything in between...

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Learn to ace IELTS, TOEFL, and SAT by
the experienced faculty..

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Financial Planning

Learn about most suited student loan options and scholarship..

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VISA Application

Checklist, Assistance in submission and tracking of your
VISA application...

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Our Team of Study
abroad Experts

At the center of our commitment to providing an extensive
study abroad solution, lies our team & network of experienced counsellors & university alums.

Prashant Mishra

VP / Head Counsellor

Carol Varghese

IELTS Counsellor

Anuradha Choudhary

Msc. in Public Policy and Human Development, UNU-MERIT, The Netherlands

Geetha Sethi

NLP Certified Counsellor


Applied Economics, Cornell University, USA

Anirudh Dhaka

MEng, RMIT University, Australia

Happy Reflections of our Global Student

Join us to overcome challenges and embark on a global education journey.

The perfect roadmap for your success, tailor-made to fit all.

Self paced study programs where each student is treated as a personal success story.

Online Meeting with our expert counsellors

Week 1

Our seasoned counsellors help you understand your future prospects, compare options and shortlist most suited universities.

Sound Focused; Present clartity in thoughts

Week 2

Learn what Universities are looking for and let us help articulate your story in the best possible way.

Become the most sought after candidate

Week 2-3-4

Build your profile the right way: Have your papers published by leading publications.; Leave a trail of right internships and work opportunities.

Come highly recommended by your seniors and faculty

Week 4

According to Universities admission staff, Recommended students make a perfect canditates. Our team will help you acquire recommendations from the right people.

Be well prepared and Sound confident in your last hurdle

Week 5-6

Our seasoned counsellors help you understand your future prospects, compare options and shortlist most suited universities.

Celebrate and keep your financial burden to a minimum

Week 7-8

We will introduce you to most viable scholarship opportunities and help with your applications while our mentors help you with all the necessary preparation to settle abroad.

Frequently Asked

Here are the brief answers to your most sought-after queries while we arrange a call back.

  • What services do you offer to students looking to study abroad?

    We provide comprehensive guidance including university selection, application process support, scholarship assistance, visa application, and pre-departure briefings

  • Can you help with selecting the right university and course?

    Yes, we offer personalized counseling sessions to help you select the best university and course based on your interests, academic background, and career goals

  • How do you assist with the visa application process?

    Our experts guide you through every step of the visa application process, ensuring you have the correct documentation and providing advice on how to approach interviews

  • Do you offer any scholarships or financial aid services?

    We provide information on available scholarships and financial aid options and assist in the application process to maximize your chances of securing financial support

  • What is the success rate of your clients in getting admitted to their chosen universities?

    Our clients enjoy a high success rate due to our personalized approach, expert guidance, and thorough preparation for every aspect of the application and admission process

Visa types and eligibility

Tourist Visa

Visit new places to discover with a Tourist Visa. We deliver your documents ...

Commercial Visa

Developing your trade, setting up new sales channels Your visa is ready...

Student Visa

Embarking on a journey of higher education in a foreign country opens doors to...

Residence Visa

Expert Guidance for a Seamless Immigration Journey Expert Guidance...

Working Visa

Get your Visa now for new business and earning opportunities. We deliver your...

Dependable and Trustworthy Visa &
Immigration Guidance

Our team of seasoned professionals understands the
complexities of immigration laws and visa procedures.

  • 1

    Choose your visa type

    Determine the Visa type for your travel purpose.
  • 2

    Contact our branches

    Start your transaction by applying to our branches.
  • 3

    Submit All Your Documents

    Collect all the required documents the process.
  • 4

    Passport delivery

    Receive your visa, which is finalized after application,

Discovering Our Biggest Successes: The Stories
Behind Our Great Achievements

Embarking on a journey to reunite families, we recently had the privilege of assisting a
couple in securing their spouse's visa.


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