Online Consultation Program

Unlock the flexibility to access Class24's study abroad counselling services from anywhere in India or around the world. Tailored for individuals juggling academic and work commitments, this program allows you to prepare for your study abroad journey at your own pace, right from the comfort of your home:

  • Benefit from weekly online classes, comprehensive syllabus coverage, online mock tests, application submission assistance, and expert guidance in essay and SOP writing.
  • Our dedicated consultants ensure personalised attention, closely monitoring your progress throughout the 1-2 year preparation period.
  • Explore a suite of online tools crafted by experienced coaches to enhance and assess your readiness.

Our benefits

  • Top-tier Interactive Online Readiness
  • Customized Study Plans
  • Skill Building Sessions
  • Full Length Mock Test
  • Test Evaluations By Experts

- Your Global Gateway: Begin your study abroad preparations from anywhere, connecting to our Class24 services across India and around the world.
- Tailored Worldwide: Whether your dream is the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Singapore, or Spain, our online program opens doors to diverse study destinations.
- Weekly Connections: Engage in online classes led by dedicated consultants, bringing the world of Ivy League colleges such as Wharton University, and Oxford University closer to you.
- Beyond the Basics: Explore online tools by experienced coaches, ensuring you're prepared for the unique challenges of top-tier institutions.

Our Accomplishments

  • 1

    Success Rate 98%

    Improve your chances of acceptance by 250%
  • 2

    100+ cr Scholarships

    Join our assured scholarship program.
  • 3

    Top 50 School

    3000+ students admitted to their dream universities.
  • 4

    Global Penetration

    University partnerships in 37 countries.

One-Two-One Mentorship

  • Top-tier Interactive Online Readiness
  • Customized Study Plans
  • Skill Building Sessions
  • Full Length Mock Test
  • Test Evaluations By Experts

Picture this: periodic online meetings where experiences, ideas, and the intricacies of the admission process are shared.
Our mentors, current students or alumni from esteemed foreign universities, walk with you on your journey. This isn't just about getting into the university; it's about thriving.
Our mentorship program is your guide, not only for interviews but also for understanding university culture, financial planning, and navigating the labyrinth of accommodation searches. Highly recommended for those gearing up for university and visa interviews, this program adds a personal touch to your study abroad adventure, ensuring you're not just prepared but empowered for every step beyond admission. 🚀

  • Personal Guidance: An add-on service for periodic online meetings with mentors—current students or alumni from renowned foreign universities.
  • Holistic Support: Highly recommended for university and visa interview preparations.
  • Post-Admission Planning: Assistance in understanding university culture, financial planning, and accommodation searches.

This mentorship program serves as a valuable resource for comprehensive support throughout your study abroad journey.

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