Admission Process

The entire process of taking admission in a foreign university can be lengthy and extensive , thus we recommend keeping a healthy 8- 10 months before the commencement of the session for you to ace every step of the entire process. We have divided the process in 6 steps and encourage a focussed approach to tackle each step independently.

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Doing thorough research before indulging yourself in the vigorous process of studying abroad is a must. The goal of this research is to come up with a list of courses where you would want to apply. While looking up a course, you must consider several factors, and this is where it gets tricky.

  • Desitination
  • Degree
  • Budget
  • University Ranking
  • Mentor Review
Look for the most relevant discipline to your career aspirations. You might go for more popular courses or something you always wanted to do. For instance, if you want to be a software engineer, consider courses available in the Engineering discipline. Class24 offers a course finder and a Psychometric Test, which can help you discover more about yourself.
Depending on where you are in your academic journey, you can opt for a bachelor's or a master's program. If you are a High secondary pass-out, you will go for a bachelor's degree; if you have already completed your graduation, you will likely go for a Master's program.
University Ranking:
Your employment prospects highly depend on the ranking of the University you want to be admitted into. You can visit Class24's blog on top universities and courses to make an informed decision.
This is the first thing that comes to mind when considering studying abroad. While choosing your dream destination, you should research culture, Visa Policy, post-work visa policy, cost of living in that country, and so on.
Mentor Review:
The best place to find the most trustworthy and practical information about any course is to reach out to Alumni or present students from that University. You can contact them on social platforms such as Linkedin or Instagram. You might be surprised to see an overwhelming response from many of the Alumni of these institutions. Teaching Modules inform you greatly about what the course entails and how relevant the course is to your career path. You should include Campus life guides in your research as the connections you make can be the biggest takeaway from your study abroad journey.
This is one of the most important factors while selecting a course. While evaluating your budget, you should research various scholarship opportunities and Student loans available. You should be careful while taking a student loan as you will likely have to pay back even if you drop out of the course at any stage. Your budget also depends on the country you choose. Studies in the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada are slightly more expensive than those in the other countries. You must include your cost of living while calculating your total expenses.

Speak to one of the Class24's counselors or Visit our center

Our counselors are certified experts in the study abroad domain with hands-on personal and professional experience. They will help you narrow down your course preference list and create a shortlist based on the inputs of your research, wish list, career path, and practical chances of getting admitted.

Class24 also offers a free, AI-based psychometric evaluation test to suggest international education programs based on your personality, budget, and study area. Our mentorship program connects you to actual students and alums from prestigious universities around the world to offer you practical guidance and share personal experiences that are crucial to your course selection process.

Exam Preparation

Most study abroad programs require you to appear for a few exams to prove your eligibility. For Instance, the SAT is a standard admission test widely used in the USA as a data point to compare student applicants. You may also need to prove your English language proficiency by taking the TOEFL / IELTS exams to establish your college readiness.

For the Master's program, the GMAT and GRE are the most renowned exams considered by top universities worldwide for their management and engineering programs, respectively. CLASS24 offers preparation for IELTS, TOEFL, and SAT by the top educators in the domain. We offer both the online module and classroom programs, depending on your availability. A good score in these admission tests provides a multi-fold strength to your candidature, and you must submit these scores along with your application.

Intake Cycles

Before submitting any applications, it is imperative to understand the three intake cycles in most universities.

The Fall Intake (Late Aug to Early December) allows the students to commence studies from the first semester. Most courses in various streams are available for this intake. This intake is highly suitable for students entering long-duration courses as it gives you ample time to settle down and adjust to the new city.

Via its Spring Intake (Early Jan to May), Universities keep a second option to take admission for students who could not apply in the Fall intake for some reason and can now join the course from the second semester.

The Summer Intake cycle, which begins May till July, is a famous intake cycle amongst the Indian student populace. It benefits those willing to engage in a specific subject area, executive programs, and other short-term courses such as language studies. It is always advisable to refer to the University's official website for more information on the intake cycles and course availability before submitting your candidature. We recommend you keep ten months before the commencement of the program for application submission.

Here's a breakdown of the typical application deadlines and offer dates for foreign universities across different continents:

Study Abroad Guide

Here's a breakdown of the typical application deadlines and offer dates for foreign universities across different continents:

North America Image

North America(United States and Canada)

Fall Intake (September/October start):
Application deadlines: Usually between December and February.
Offers of admission: Typically sent out between March and May.
Spring Intake (January/February start):
Application deadlines: Typically range from August to October.
Offers of admission: Generally sent out between October and December.
Summer Intake (May/June start):
Limited availability, with deadlines typically between December and February.

Australia and New Zealand Image

Australia and New Zealand

Fall Intake (February/March start):
Application deadlines: Usually range from August to October of the previous year.
Offers of admission: Typically sent out between November and January.

Spring Intake (July/August start):
Application deadlines: Generally fall between March and May.
Offers of admission: Often sent out between June and August. As always, it's essential to verify specific dates with the university or program you're interested in, as they can vary.

Asia Image


Fall Intake (September/October start):
Application deadlines: Vary, often between November and April.
Offers of admission: Typically sent out between April and June.

Spring Intake (January/February start):
Application deadlines: Typically range from July to September.
Offers of admission: Generally sent out between October and December.

Summer Intake (May/June start):
Limited options, with deadlines often between December and February.

Europe Image


Fall Intake (September/October start):
Application deadlines: Generally between December and March.
Offers of admission: Typically sent out between March and June.

Spring Intake (January/February start):
Application deadlines: Usually between August and November.
Offers of admission: Often sent out between December and February.

Summer Intake (May/June start):
Less common, but deadlines can range from December to February.

Submitting your application

Regarding application submission, we adhere to the age-old saying, "Do not keep all your eggs in one basket."

Apply to multiple universities: We diversify by picking a few dream and safe universities. You can speak to our Class24 counsellors, as our university partnerships allow us to communicate with the University and smooth out the process for you while improving your chances of admittance.

It is essential to keep your education documents, SATs, and IELTS / TOEFL scores ready before commencing the application submission. A higher entrance and language proficiency exam score may drastically improve your chances of getting accepted. Application submission is a lengthy but extensive and sincere process. It allows the University to evaluate you on multiple parameters beyond your examination scores.

Universities often rely on your Motivation letters, Essay, Statement of purpose, and overall profile to understand you better and see if you are the right fit for the course or the University in a broad sense. In this stage of the application process, most students seek professional help and consult the University's student or Alumni network. Class24's experienced educators take this part of the process very seriously; they understand your personality and guide you to build up your profile so that you are always presented in the best light throughout the application process.

The shortlisted applicants may be asked for an online personal interview with the admission staff or the course faculty to further narrow the pool of potential student admits

Accepting the Offer

The universities evaluate each student's application thoroughly, and if selected, students are notified of an acceptance offer on the mentioned EMAIL ID of correspondence.

If you get selected for multiple programs, you may consult your counselors at Class24 to check for any conditions that may apply and finalize the best-suited program. The entire process may take 4 - 6 weeks or more. In the case of a master's program application, universities usually take more time to process than the applications for the undergrad program.

You must notify the University of your acceptance of their offer for them to finalize your admission.


It is essential to apply for your student visa as soon as you have accepted the offer. The documents required for your Visa application may vary per the criteria stipulated by your chosen country. Our counselor teams are well-versed and updated on the entire visa application process. They can help you promptly collate the necessary documents and simplify the Visa process.

Here's a list of documents that you may require
  1. Proof of Admission to a recognized educational institution
  2. Residence permit applications (it varies by country)
  3. Language certification (if needed)
  4. parental/guardian consent form (if under 18)
  5. Proof of your financials (That you can cover your program and cost and sustain a life in the country for the duration of the exams)
  6. Passport size photographs
  7. Copy of the current passport
  8. Vaccination certificate (if required, it varies by the country)

Post Admission preparation

There are a myriad of things that you need to do once you have completed your admission process.

  • Book the flight tickets well in advance to avail the lowest prices.
  • Finalize your stay in a comfortable yet well-in-budget accommodation.
  • Shop as you require, but be aware of the luggage allowance fee. Include utility, electrical, internet, water usage, and tenant insurance (In some neighborhoods) in your financial planning.
  • Open a bank account and get a SIM card in your chosen country.

Having said that, this is the time when you celebrate, meet your dearest, and visit all your hangout destinations a few more times. Class24 celebrates each victory and holds each of our students very dear. Thus, we strive to provide you with the best professional help and work in absolute tandem with you so that you do not falter, lose peace of mind, and are always full of confidence while following the most important journey in your career path.

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